Yummy Dragon Vol. Zero 和味龍 0號


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Yummy Dragon Vol. Zero Authors: Chihoi LEE, Ted YEUNG, DAVID COW, Craig AU YEUNG, Kenneth Tin-kin HUNG, Lily LAU, John HO, Seeman HO Format: Paperback, a set of 8 mini booklets Number of pages: 20pp per booklet Dimensions: 90 x 90 mm Publishing House: Chihoi LEE (Hong Kong) Date of publication: July 2000 Language: No Dialogue Book description: This collection of mini comics was curated and published by Chihoi Lee, featuring 8 local comics artists with witty thoughts. Each artist has a hunger to create. They visualise their experimental ideas and gained inspirations from unusual scenarios in the daily life. 和味龍 0號 作者︰智海、楊學德、張健偉、歐陽應霽、洪天健、劉莉莉、John HO、二犬十一咪 格式:裝幀平裝,一套8本小冊子 頁數︰每冊20頁 尺寸:90 x 90 mm 出版:智海(香港) 出版日期:2000年7月 語言:無對白 作品介紹: 由智海策劃的漫畫合輯,以迷你短篇漫畫形式出版。八位滿腦子奇思的本地漫畫家,蠢蠢欲蠕動,將構思中最實驗的意念畫出來。以不尋常畫風演繹生活日常。

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