Yummy Dragon Issue Number 1 和味龍 1號


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Yummy Dragon Issue Number 1 Authors: Kai-yin CHAN, Clark YUNG, John HO, PSYCHOTIC HUMANOID,, Lamui HO、Seeman HO, Man, LAI TAT TAT WING, Lily LAU, HING, PANDA H., DAVID COW, AH TAK, Chihoi LEE, Chi-tak LEE Format: Paperback Number of pages: 400pp Dimensions: 140 x 125 mm Publishing House: Step Forward Multi Media (Hong Kong) Date of publication: 2002 Language: No Dialogue Book description: A second collection of comics curated and published by Chihoi, featured 15 local cartoonists unfolding their surreal ideas and telling stories without dialogues by using mouth-related word. Exploring Cantonese dialogues without words, but with their brushstrokes. 和味龍 1號 作者︰陳啟賢、翁啟航、John HO、神怪佬、Lamui HO、二犬十一咪、Man、黎達達榮、莉莉、阿興、洪貓、牛牛、亞德、智海、利志達 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰400頁 尺寸:140 x 125 mm 出版:進一步多媒體(香港) 出版日期:2002年 語言:無對白 作品介紹: 由智海策劃的的第二部漫畫合輯,15位滿腦子奇思的本地漫畫家,用與口部有關的字,用口講無聲/對白的漫畫故事,以畫筆發動的口部操,漫話廣東話。

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