Travel With Parents!? Follow The Big Y Family To Germany!帶父母去旅行!?跟大Y一家遊德國!


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Travel With Parents!? Follow The Big Y Family To Germany! Author: BIG Y Format: Paperback Number of pages: 154 pp Dimensions: 150 x 210 mm Publisher: Tan-yiu LEUNG (Hong Kong) Date of publication: July 2022 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Big Y, an online comics artist born in the 1990s. She has begun to publish comic works based on the daily life of her family and siblings on the Internet since 2014. Her works include It's so nice to have a sister!? The Four Siblings Funny Diaries (the best graphic book of the 2018 Hong Kong Golden Book Awards, and the runner-up in the 16th Top Ten Books Picks of Secondary School Students' Favourite Books) and It's So Nice to Have a Sister!?2 Four Siblings Travel To Tokyo. Book description: It’s the first time for the eldest sister Big Y to travel abroad with her parents! Will there be any hilarious things happening during the trip? The temperature in Germany is almost 40 degrees Celsius, but there is no air-conditioning. Going to the ice cave with only zero degrees Celsius, but the family members did not bring enough clothing to keep warm. Mum and the younger sister had a big fight. Dining out is too expensive, so the family members decided to cook for themselves. Going to the wrong hotel after a long walk… It turned out that trying to be good daughters has to face so many challenges! Will the family be able to return home safely!? 帶父母去旅行!?跟大Y一家遊德國! 作者︰大Y 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰154頁 尺寸:150 x 210 mm 出版:梁丹瑤(香港) 出版日期:2022年7月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 大Y,90後網絡漫畫家。 90後圖文作家,於2014年開始在網上發表以家庭、姐弟妹等日常生活為題材的漫畫作品。著有《有家姐真好!?四姊弟妹爆笑事件簿》(榮獲得2018香港金閱最佳圖文書獎項,及第16屆十本好讀中學生最愛書籍第2位)及《有家姐真好!?2四姊弟妹勇闖東京》。 作品介紹: 大家姐大Y第一次帶父母出國旅行! 會有咩蝦碌笑料嘢呢? 全德國溫度直逼40度但竟然無冷氣,去只有零度嘅冰洞但唔夠衫著,媽咪同細妹鬧大交,嫌去餐廳食太貴所以之後餐餐都自己煮,行一大段路先知去錯酒店…… 原來想孝順父母係要面對咁多挑戰! 究竟佢哋可唔可以平安歸來呢!? ---

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