Tote Bag - A Moment Without You 手提袋


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Tote Bag - A Moment Without You 手提袋 by Tracey Emin Limited Edition HKAC Exculsive A Moment Without You TRACEY EMIN 2017 “A Moment Without You is dedicated to my dear friend the late Sir David Tang. A true free spirit and now even freer.” Tracey Emin CBE RA Created as a symbol of “hope, faith and spirituality”, A Moment Without You will create a point for focus and contemplation. The five-part statue serves as a reinterpretation of the militaristic symbols of traditional Roman Standards by demonstrating the strengths of a seemingly insignificant creature through an embodiment of height, air and light. Cast from actual birds that appear 'real', these tiny, elevated forms emphasise Emin's idea that “birds are the angels of this earth and that they represent freedom.” The work relates closely to Emin’s first ever public art project, a single bird sculpture titled Roman Standard (2005), installed in both Liverpool and New York. “Most public sculptures are a symbol of power which I find oppressive and dark,” the artist has said. “I wanted something that had a magic and an alchemy, something which would appear and disappear and not dominate.” 限量版產品 香港藝術中心獨家 A Moment Without You TRACEY EMIN 2017 「《A Moment Without You》是獻給我已故的摯友鄧永鏘爵士。 一個真正熱愛自由的靈魂, 現在更加自由。」Tracey Emin CBE RA 以「希望、信念和靈性」而創造,《A Moment Without You》創造了一個集中、可以沉思的 空間。這個由五部分組成的雕塑對傳統羅馬標準的軍國象徵重新詮釋,通過高度、空氣和 光線,展現出一個看似微不足道的生命力。按照真實的鳥鑄造,這些微小卻又高掛半空的 形態,更充分強調Emin認為「鳥是地球的天使,牠們代表著自由」的想法。此作品與Emin曾於利物浦和紐約的首個公共藝術項目青銅鳥雕塑作品《羅馬軍隊標杆》(2005) 緊密相連。 在展出「大多公共雕塑都是權力的象徵,我從它們當中感受到了壓迫和黑暗的感覺。」 Emin道。「我想要擁有魅力和魔力的,會出現、會消失,不支配的東西。」

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