Thirty-six Views of Lion Rock by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze《獅子山三十六景》


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“36 Views of Lion Rock” by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is the first photo-book published by Blue Lotus Editions, the newly established publication arm of Blue Lotus Gallery. The book is also the first in a series of visual stories on Hong Kong as curated by Sarah Greene. Lion Rock is not just any mountain, it’s Hong Kong’s most famous peak laden with symbolism and meanings that are evolving over time. Inspired by Hokusai’s important woodblock series “36 Views on Mount Fuji” which was created in 1830, Romain set out to capture Hong Kong’s famous peak in a similar yet contemporary fashion, in order to express the many faces of this legendary mountain top. The Lion Rock is featured in each of the photos, some in a far distance obscured by high rise buildings, traffic or bustling markets. In other images, it is more prominent, far removed from the urban jungle, oozing peace and tranquility. Some photos are shot at the break of the day, others during the blue moment at dusk. In short, “36 Views of Lion Rock” reads like a letter to the mountain that Hongkongers know and love so well. About the Artist: Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze was born in Paris in 1987 and graduated with a Masters in Creative Media at the East Paris University. In 2009 he moved to Hong Kong, which inspired him to photograph the different aspects of his new home city. Stunned by the architectural race to the sky and the three dimensional character of Hong Kong, where lifts connect so many people and business they earn street names, he published his first book with Asia One: ‘Vertical Horizon’ (p. 2012). The work was a hit a on social media and soon after his photographs spread like wild fire over the internet receiving attention from heavy weight local and international press. Motivated by the international bravo he continued to make new projects exploring Hong Kong’s unique landscape. Wild Concrete (p. 2014) depicts nature’s resilience in an urban environment. The Blue Moment (p. 2016) is a body of work exploring duality of Hong Kong’s nature and urbanity during this magic hour at dusk, while Concrete Stories (p. 2018) collects a variety of human activities found on Hong Kong’s rooftops. His newest project, 36 Views of Lion Rock (p. 2022) showcases the unique dynamic between the symbolic mountain of Hong Kong, its city and inhabitants.Romain’s work has received attention from both local and international press such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet, El Pais, Le Figaro, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Stern, South China Morning Post, Apple Daily, Herald Tribune, and many more. About the Gallery: Blue Lotus Gallery, established in 2007 by Sarah Greene, is Hong Kong’s only photography gallery with a strong focus on exploring Hong Kong culture and identity. The gallery offers an exquisite selection of books, limited edition and vintage prints on old and new Hong Kong by respected master photographers and emerging contemporary artists. Blue Lotus represents Fan Ho and his estate exclusively worldwide and is the sole agent worldwide of Wing Shya. The gallery has also been instrumental to debuting artist's careers such as KC Kwan, Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze and Tugo Cheng who the gallery represents exclusively for the area of Hong Kong. The gallery is located in a quaint and quiet historical pocket on 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 關於攝影集 | 内容摘要: 由 Blue Lotus Gallery 新成立的出版社 - Blue Lotus Editions ⾸度出版:Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze 全新系列《獅⼦⼭三⼗六景》攝影集,成為本畫廊創辦⼈ Sarah Greene 策劃的⼀系列「香港視覺故事」中的第⼀部曲。 作為香港著名的⼭峰及地標,獅⼦⼭不僅僅是⼀座⼭,她其象徵主義及含意,隨著時代變遷⽽不斷演變。Romain 因受⽇本著名浮世繪畫家-葛飾北齋的⽊版畫系列《冨嶽三⼗六景》所啟發, 決定以類近但現代化的 ⽅式,去捕捉這座香港名⼭的三⼗六景,以影像娓娓道來這份傳奇的故事。 每幅作品都能夠尋找到獅⼦⼭的蹤影,有時候她靜伏於遠處,被⾼樓⼤廈或是⾞⽔⾺龍的鬧市半掩;⼜有的時候她會遠離塵囂,享受著平靜且安䌀的郊ᰀ。有些作品攝於剛破曉的⼀剎,有些攝於⽇落⻄⼭之際的藍⾊時分……《獅⼦⼭三⼗六景》正是⼀封情書,送給香港⼈最熟悉和熱愛的⼭峰。 關於藝術家: Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze 於 1978 年⽣於法國,畢業於巴黎東⼤學多媒體藝術學系碩⼠,原為平⾯設計師。在洛杉磯及東京⼯作期間,他開始接觸攝影,⾄ 2009 年移居香港後,環境的衝擊令他更爲熱衷以攝影創作。⾼聳入雲的摩天⼤樓,在他眼中看來格外驚艷,讓他禁不住透過攝影表達他對這座城市的震撼感受。在幾何圖形般的市區環境裡,香港⼈過著活⼒多彩的⽣活,這正是香港令他著迷的原因。Romain 的作品在本地及海外媒體備受矚⽬,曾得到南華早報、蘋果⽇報、Herald Tribune, National Geographic、Lonely Planet、El Pais、Figaro、Huffington Post、The Guardian、Stern 等多間媒體報導。⾄今他已出版了五本不同攝影系列作品的相集,最新著作為《獅⼦⼭三⼗六景》。 關於畫廊: Blue Lotus Gallery 成立於2007年,是⼀家專注於探索香港⽂化及⾝份的攝影畫廊,致⼒搜羅多位備受尊敬的攝影⼤師和當代新銳藝術家的攝影集、限ᰁ印刷作品以及早期原作照片。本畫廊是全球獨家代理何藩及其家屬的畫廊,亦是夏永康全球唯⼀的代理。多年來,畫廊為多位藝術家如 Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze 和 Tugo Cheng 的創作⽣涯發揮起᯿要作⽤,同時亦作為他們於香港地區的獨家代理。我們位於香港上環磅巷28號,⼀個古樸⽽䌀靜的歷史⼩區。

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