The Warring States 逆戰國


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The Warring States Author: Tin-kit MARK (drawing) / FATMOONBA (story) Format: Paperback Number of pages: 196pp Dimensions: 176 (w) x 250 (h) mm Publishing House: Today Publications Date of publication: 7/2017 Language:Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Tin-kit Mark participates in comics creation for years, his comics works include God of War (1997), Tao (2002), Infatuation (2003), The Warring States: The Untold Story Tactics Guide (2017), Tao Zero (2019) etc., and Tao Zero has won the Bronze award of the 13th Japan International Manga Award. FATMOONBA is a Journalist/ Editor/ Freelance writer. Often do comics. Book description: That was a time before Martial Arts came into being. On the eve of the Battle of Changping, the Strangers made full use of the Gift to live through a different saga while the warlords of the Warring States period vied for power. The Strangers, a group not documented in any historical records, they are recluses living in nature, paying no attention to the rise and fall of dynasties. A story of the Warring States period that combines texts and comics. 逆戰國 作者︰麥天傑(繪)、月巴氏(編) 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰272 頁 尺寸:142 x 212mm 出版:今日出版有限公司 出版日期:10/2016 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 麥天傑參與漫畫創作多年,作品包括《戰神》(1997)、《非常道》(2002)、《03鬼迷》(2003)、《逆戰國.策》(2017)、《非常道──零》(2019)等,《非常道──零》卷一獲第 13 屆日本國際漫畫大賞銅獎。 月巴氏是一名記者/ 編輯/ 自由撰稿人。偶然畫漫畫。 作品介紹: 那是一個還沒有所謂武功的年代。長平之戰前夕。「異人會」中人憑藉與別不同的天賦「能力」,在七國爭雄的同時,上演著另一場拚命故事。 「異人會」,一個不見諸任何歷史記載的組織。隱沒於天地間,冷眼朝代更替世事興衰。一個結合文字與漫畫兩種敘事手法的戰國故事。

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