The Dog Who Chased His Tail


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The Dog Who Chased His Tail Author: Gregory MARCH Illustrator: Yae YEUNG Format: Binding paperback Number of pages: 52 pp Dimensions: 215 x 216 mm Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (United States) Date of Publication: November 2015 Language: English Author’s bio: Gregory March was inspired to write his book series during meditation, whilst on retreat at a Zen Monastery called Plum village founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. Since childhood, he was introduced to meditation, yoga and breathing exercises by his Mum, a yoga teacher and Dad who was exploring various types of meditation. One of his favourite story books growing up and to this day is, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones – 101 Zen stories. He became a father of two and was reading many bedtime stories to his kids. This combined with all the above experiences spurred him on to create his own Zen story series for kids. Embedded in the stories is a theme of well-being for kids (and adults), including ‘letting go’ in The Muddy Road’ his first book, a simple breathing technique in The Dog Who Chased His Tail, and mindfulness exercises in The Wild Horse. Illustrator’s bio: Yae Yeung loves reading and drawing Manga (Japanese style comics). She studied in a manga school in Japan for three years and loves drawing the interactions between humans, living things and nature. Book description: Do you want a calmer child? Do you want to improve your child’s concentration? This kinds’ story is designed to help your child focus and clam down using a simple meditation technique. Gregory March is a certified counsellor, who learnt meditation as a child and has been practicing it for over thirty years. He shares this tried and tested technique to help your child relax. Read The Dog Who Chased His Tail with your child at bedtime or simply when they are overexcited. 《The Dog Who Chased His Tail》 作者: Gregory MARCH 插畫家:Yae YEUNG 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數: 52頁 尺寸:215 x 216 mm 出版:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (美國) 出版日期:2015年 11月 語言:英文 作者簡介: Gregory March曾在一行禪師成立的修習中心梅村裡進行冥想訓練,期間取得靈感,啟發了他開始寫書。 自孩提時期,他就接觸到冥想、瑜珈及呼吸訓練,這源於他的母親──是個瑜珈老師,及父親──當時在探索不同的冥想類型。而從小到大,其中一本他最喜歡的書是《Zen Flesh, Zen Bones – 101 Zen stories》。 為人父親後,他給兩個孩子講許多睡前故事。加上自身經驗,促使他為孩子們創作一系列禪宗兒童故事。 他創作的故事以促進兒童(及成人)的身心健康為主題,包括教導學習放下的《The Muddy Road》、簡單呼吸技巧的《The Dog Who Chased His Tail》及靜觀練習的《The Wild Horse》。 插畫家簡介: Yae Yeung喜歡閱讀及繪畫漫畫。她曾在日本留學漫畫專校三年,喜歡描繪人類,生物及大自然的互動。 作品介紹: 想孩子安静下來嗎? 想提升孩子的集中力嗎? 這本書引導孩子進行簡單的冥想練習,讓他們更專注及安靜。 Gregory March是一名認可輔導員,自幼學習冥想,並具有超過三十年的經驗。他透過自己的經驗和試驗,分享一套有助孩子放鬆心情的技巧。 與家中孩子睡前,或在他們情緒過度興奮時,一同閱讀《The Dog Who Chased His Tail》吧。

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