Teapot of Xichun 惜春茶壼


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Teapot of Xichun 惜春茶壼 A teapot was drawn based on the fictional character Xichun’s personality. 以小說人物惜春的性情,畫一個茶壼。 HK$ 4,800pc About the artist: Oychir Cheung Oychir, an artist from Hong Kong, graduated in Hong Kong Art School Higher Diploma in Fine Art, love to create on paper with literature and history theme. Oychir has received World Illustration Awards、Hiii Illustration International Competition and Asia Illustration Annual Awards, novel awards from Hong Kong Literature Season Awards(2nd place) and Youth Literature Awards(Merit Award). At the same year, she has represented Hong Kong to join the the “Unknown Asia” in Osaka, and interviewed by “Bijutsutecho” during the time. 有關藝術家: 張正寧 張正寧,⼟⽣土長香港人,喜以文學和歷史為題創作紙本作品, 畢業於香港藝術學院,曾於2017及2018先後入選 World Illustration Awards、Hiii Illustration International Competition和亞洲插畫年度⼤奬,香港⽂學季 (亞軍)和⻘年⽂學獎(優異)⼩説奬,同年參加⼤阪Unknown Asia藝術交流活動,期間受到《美術手帖》訪問。

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