Tao Zero Vol.1 非常道——零(普通版)


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Tao Zero Vol.1 Author: Tin-kit MARK Format: Paperback Number of pages: 180pp Dimensions: 150 (w) x 210 (h) mm Publishing House: Mark’s Studio Date of publication: 1/2019 Language:Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Tin-kit Mark participates in comics creation for years, his comics works include God of War (1997), Tao (2002), Infatuation (2003), The Warring States: The Untold Story Tactics Guide (2017), Tao Zero (2019) etc., and Tao Zero has won the Bronze award of the 13th Japan International Manga Award. Book description: Tao Zero is the comic work by Mark after he had stopped drawing for 16 years. It mainly serves as a continuation of the unfinished story in his previous work Tao. The drawing style in Tao Zero is rough yet detailed. The story is set in somewhere fictive in ancient East, being infused with elements such as fantasy, martial arts, and fighting with demons. Based on the cycle of Samsara, it will be a story about gratitude and enmity in this life and the next. It’s divided into two chapters. The first chapter Gnawing Bite started by a conflict in the martial arts circles in a kingdom in ancient East. The good and the evil fought against each other, revealing the secrets of the mysterious weapon Gnawing Bite. The second chapter Rakshasa, Ma, Ma was a deserter in the time of warfare who wished to find a peaceful place to live in. Ever since getting involved in the fight between the mysterious swordsman Rakshasa and the demonic skeleton-knight however, he underwent a change in the course of his life, starting a strange journey of revenge. Meanwhile, it was found that Rakshasa and the skeleton-knight were Asuras in the cycle of Samsara! Tao Zero Vol. 1has won the Bronze award of the 13th Japan International Manga Award in 2019. This book is not suitable for age below 18. 非常道——零(普通版) 作者︰麥天傑 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰180頁 尺寸:150 x 210 mm 出版:壹間畫室 出版日期:1/2019 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 麥天傑參與漫畫創作多年,作品包括《戰神》(1997)、《非常道》(2002)、《03鬼迷》(2003)、《逆戰國.策》(2017)、《非常道──零》(2019)等,《非常道──零》卷一獲第 13 屆日本國際漫畫大賞銅獎。 作品介紹: 《非常道——零》是作者停筆16年後的漫畫創作,主要是延續前作《非常道》未完成的故事。《非常道——零》畫風粗獷中帶細緻,故事背景虛設在古舊東方某地,集玄幻、武打、斬妖伏魔元素,亦有依據「六道輪廻」為基礎,杜撰出一段隔世恩仇的故事。其卷一共分兩部,第一部〈噬嗑〉是一個以古舊東方國度的武林爭鬥作開始,正邪兩邊互相撕殺,帶出神秘兵器「噬嗑」不為人知的秘密。第二部〈離剎.小馬〉小馬是個身處在戰亂頻繁的逃兵,一心想尋求一片安樂淨土棲身,卻遇上神秘劍客離剎與妖怪骷髏騎士的戰鬥,從此改變了人生的軌跡,踏上了一條離奇詭異的復仇之旅,而離剎和骷髏騎士竟然是六道中的阿修羅!《非常道──零》卷一於2019年獲第13屆日本國際漫畫大賞銅獎。 本書不適合18歲以下人士。

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