Sha Ha Wo Che Village 上.下禾輋


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Sha Ha Wo Che Village Author: Rainbow LEUNG Format: Paperback Number of pages: 220 pp Dimensions: 190 x 260 mm Publishing House: Joint Publishing (HK) Date of publication: July 2009 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Born and raised in Hong Kong, Rainbow Leung graduated from the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in design and film. Aside from her own creative work, she also teaches art. She established Rainbow Life Discovery Garden in 2016. It teaches students of all ages how to discover the emotions of life through artistic creations. In 2017, Leung was commissioned by the project, M+ROVER, of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to visit different schools, where she listened to stories of different youngsters. From their stories, she drew their “imperfect portraits” to promote the importance of caring for lives, and redefine the standards of beauty and ugliness. For this project, Leung won the Award for Arts Education from the Hong Kong Art Development Council in 2017. Book description: The book documents short stories about the residents living in Wo Che village in pencil drawings and text. It delineates stories of their interesting day-to-day life, such as a boss lady from an old hair salon, a retired gangster, an old lady who cooks over charcoal, and author’s lovely family. The drawing style is unique and original, and each character in this book has its own strong personality. Leung also shares her good memories of living in Wo Che village and preserves a part of the history that people often neglect. 上.下禾輋 作者︰李香蘭 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰220頁 尺寸:190 x 260 mm 出版:三聯書店(香港)有限公司 出版日期:2009年7月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 香港土生土長,鄉村畫家,先後畢業於香港理工大學設計系和香港城市大學創意媒體學院,主修藝術設計和電影。除了創作, 她也從事藝術教育,於2016 年成立「李香蘭生活研究房」,與學生透過創作發掘生命的喜怒哀樂。2017 年獲西九文化區邀請擔任〈M+ROVER〉委約藝術家,走訪多間中學,傾聽年輕人的故事,以「不完美」的人像,提出關懷生命的重要,也重新定義美與醜。其計劃獲香港藝發局頒發「藝術教育大獎2017」。 作品介紹: 本書以鉛筆畫跟文字去紀錄禾輋村的村民小故事。筆下所介紹的街坊包括舊美髮店的老闆娘、退休古惑仔、燒柴煮食的老婆婆等,加上作者可愛的一家人在禾輋生活的逸事。 本書畫風獨特、只此一家,而且人物畫像栩栩如生,樣衰抵死,更分享了禾輋村的喜悅與記憶,保存了一塊被忽略了的歷史。

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