Sau Sing Zai 4 – Frame Comics Special 壽星仔四格漫畫精選


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Sau Sing Zai 4 – Frame Comics Special Author: SEUNG GUN SIU KEUNG Format: Binding paperback Number of pages: 64 pp Dimensions: 150 x 210 mm Publisher: Sau Sing Zai Store (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: January 2015 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Seung Gun Siu Keung was a renowned Hong Kong comics artist. His original name was Ricky Chan. He started off as an apprentice for comics at the age of 16. He began to compile his own comics in the 1960s, leaving behind numerous works. Among them are Sau Sing Zai Comics (1973), and others like the Hong Kong version of Buck Rogers, Pinocchio, Captain Tsubasa, and Wong Fei Hung etc. Book description: Sau Sing Zai was a modern humorous comic series with its debut published in 1980. It was a signature work of Seung Gun Siu Keung. Unlike the popular martial arts heroes, the protagonist ‘Sau Sing Zai’ was a funny short boy who resembled the child version of ‘Shou Xing Gong’. Besides, the author made himself the supporting protagonist ‘Siu Keung’. The stories were mostly about everyday life, and later even concerned detective plots and confrontation against villains. Sau Sing Zai was well known for its raw and rough art style, which bore resemblance to the Hong Kong films at that time. Moreover, using local Cantonese as its language, Sau Sing Zai made use of plenty of popular phrases and slangs that were widely used in the 1980s. 壽星仔四格短篇漫畫精選 作者:上官小強 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數:64頁 尺寸:150 x 210 mm 出版:壽星仔專門店(香港) 出版日期:2015年1月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 香港著名漫畫家,原名陳國賢,16歲當漫畫學徒,在六十年代時已開始編繪漫畫,作品多不勝數,當中1973年創作的《壽星仔》是他的代表作,其他作品包括:港産《地球保衞戰》、《小木偶》、《足球小將》和《黄飛鴻》等。 作品介紹: 《壽星仔》是於1980年創刊的時裝幽默漫畫,上官小強的成名作。主角不是主流武打漫畫的猛男,而是矮小詼諧、活像兒童版壽星公的「壽星仔」。加上作者自己化身為第二男主角「小強」,故事由生活瑣事,發展到偵探懸疑、對抗惡勢力。《壽星仔》繪畫風格跳脫而略帶粗糙的筆觸,很草根,而且具有「港產片」風格,全廣東話對白,充滿香港八十年代的「潮語」及俚語。

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