Postcard 明信片 by Wenda Yiu


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The Legend of Island III 島故圖三,2020 Wenda, Yiu Tung Wing 姚冬穎 Description: A mythical ancient map that recounts the origins of the small islands in Hong Kong. Artist Profile: Wenda Yiu graduated from BA in Fine Art at RMIT University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School), major in painting. Her artworks were collected by private collectors. Wenda shown up her works on Art Basel, Fine Art Ink Asia and held a number of exhibitions in Hong Kong. ​ In 2017, Wenda was awarded ‘Outstanding Artwork (Painting) ‘by at Hong Kong Art School. She has been selected as one of the finalists in ‘WMA Open Photo Contest Exhibition - Opportunity!’ , and received the Reaching Out Award from the Hong Kong Education Bureau in 2019. Wenda received an award from C&G Artpartment in 2020 and cooperate with organisation to promote community art after graduation.

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