Phenomenon 現象


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Phenomenon Author: YIP WONG Format: Paperback and Section Sewn Number of pages: 124 pp Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm Publisher: FAR FAR AWAY STUDIO (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: July 2023 Language: Traditional Chinese Book Description: 'Phenomenon' used four phenomena as entry points to tell seemingly unrelated stories, which formed a cycle and extended infinitely beyond the conclusion of each story. The cat killed in an accident, the plum wine in the cabinet, the inexpressible matters, and the rare astronomical phenomenon. Those contents may appear disparate at first, but they resonated with each other, with the universe, and with the mind throughout 'Phenomenon'. The book uses offset printing with debossing cover. Author’s bio: Yip Wong graduated from The Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University. Her creative scopes cover illustration, comics and animation. She has created short comics and illustration for arts and cultural magazines such as Art and Piece and Fleurs des Lettres. She has also produced animated music videos for singes like Jill Vidal and Just a broken machine. Her recent works include short comics about pandemic featured in White Future and Phenomenon published in July 2023. 現象 作者:葉汪 格式:平裝,穿線膠裝 頁數:124 頁 尺寸:148 x 210 mm 出版社:FAR FAR AWAY STUDIO(香港) 出版日期:2023年7月 語言:繁體中文 作品介紹: 以四種現象作為切入點,四個毫無關聯的故事,卻在故事完結後形成一個無限延伸的循環。 被撞死的貓、櫃裡的梅酒、無法言喻的事情與難得一見的天文現象,那些再日常不過的事看似大相逕庭,又在《現象》、宇宙與腦海中迴盪著。 書本採用柯式印刷、封面擊凹效果。 作者簡介: 畢業於浸會大學視覺藝術院。創作範疇包括插畫、漫畫以及動畫。曾經為《美紙》、《字花》等文藝雜誌繪製短篇漫畫和插圖,亦為衛詩、Just a broken machine等歌手的音樂影片動畫製作。近期的作品有於《白色的明天》刊載,關於疫情的短篇漫畫以及在七月出版的《現象》。

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