Our Missing Pieces (2nd edition) 香港重機 回收號大押(第二版)


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Our Missing Pieces (2nd edition) Author: Felix IP Format: Paperback Number of pages: 152pp Dimensions: 170 x 211 mm Publishing House: EVA YANG YEE MAN Date of publication: July 2020 (1st edition), February 2022 (2nd edition) Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Felix Ip served as the creative director of an animation company, his works include Ninja Turtles, Astro Boy, Monkey King Reloaded, Time Adventure, Father of The Pride, and so on. After stepping down in 2014, he shifted his focus onto comics, illustration and design, such as Blood And Steel, Hong Kong Infected: Mong Kok Station, Z for Zombie Hurly Burly Yau Ma Tei, HongKong Machines Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and Gear Up! My Samurai!. HongKong Machines Vol. 1 was awarded with the Best Picture Book in Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2019. Book description: Felix Ip was born and raised in Hong Kong. He still has a childlike heart and an ability to add new elements to existing works even in his midlife. He has a passion for robots and Tokusatsu (action films with heavy use of special effects) in particular. With the simple text dedicated to his childhood, it is bound to evoke forgotten collective memories that shared with the readers. 香港重機 回收號大押(第二版) 作者︰葉偉青 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數︰152頁 尺寸:170 x 211 mm 出版:重機小舖 出版日期:2020年7月 (第一版),2022年2月(第二版) 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 2014年前擔任動畫公司創作總監,參與作品包括《忍者龜》、《阿童木》、《Monkey King Reloaded》、《時空冒險號》、《Father of The Pride》等。離職後,主力漫畫、插畫和設計工作。如《武道狂之詩》、《香港感染.旺角站》、《今晚打喪屍》、《香港重機1,2》、《燃燒吧!香港重機》,其中《香港重機1》更於2019年獲頒香港出版雙年獎——圖文書出版獎。 作品介紹: 葉偉青香港土生土長,雖已踏入壯年,依然童心滿溢!特別鐘情機械人,對特撮片有情意結,在舊事物注入新元素是強項! 他用筆觸將童年點滴重機化,跟讀者重溫被遺忘的珍貴回憶。

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