Old Master Q x HKAC Folder 老夫子 x HKAC 文件夾


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老夫子 Old Master Q x HKAC Folder 文件夾 Size 尺寸: A4 About the artist: Professor Joseph Wong (a.k.a Wong Chak) inherited his father's business and has been building it since 1995. His father, who pen-named himself after his son Joseph, created one of the city's longest running comics series Old Master Q, which is loved by wide range of audiences. Thanks to its unique language and sense of humour, Wong promotes Old Master Q's license globally with a modern interpretation of his father's classic art form. 王澤的父親是香港著名的老夫子漫畫作者王澤,本名王家禧。自 1960 年初,王家禧以長子王澤之名為筆名創作數萬張漫畫並出版發行。1995 年兒子王澤在台灣接棒父親的漫畫,設立老夫子漫畫及授權公司,繼續讓老夫子發光發熱。家喻戶曉的漫畫人物—老夫子、大蕃薯、秦先生等,陪伴香港人成長,深受不同世代、不同年齡層讀者喜愛。

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