North Pointer【小街坊】Reclaimed Classic Rocking Chair 重組經典安樂椅


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North Pointer, 2021 Design Team: O&O Studio x REhypenation Take an artwork home! The piece North Pointer (aka Siu Kai Fong) was co-created with the residents, organisations and shops of North Point, carrying their unique memories and life histories. We sincerely invite you to bring this small piece of furniture home to share the stories of Hong Kong people with your family. Meanwhile, welcome this small piece of furniture as your new family member and engage with your moments of life. The evolution of this art piece resembles closely with the intimate relationship among people of Hong Kong, as well as our ever-changing daily life cycles. Story behind the chair - The decades-old comfy rocking chair was donated by a Leung family, resident of the Tung Fat Building in North Point. This chair has been in use since the last generation. Due to relocation, and the Leung family learned about the "Via North Point" and North Pointer project, they took quick action and contacted the design team to donate it, so as to become one of the Siu Kai Fong members Dimensions: 83 x 54 x 100cm One of the artworks of “Via North Point”, a community public art initiative in 2021; now available at the Art Shop of Hong Kong Arts Centre, please reach out to our staff members for more information. Organised by: Hong Kong Arts Centre Funded by: Urban Renewal Fund More about “Via North Point” - 《小街坊》(2021) 設計團隊:O&O Studio x Rehypenation 把藝術品帶回家!作品《小街坊》與北角居民共創,承載北角不同家庭、機構和店鋪等的獨特回憶和生活史。我們誠邀您,把這小傢俱帶回家中,與家人分享香港人的小故事,同時也讓這小傢俱成為您家中一員,把您的生活點滴加進這作品中。其實人與人之間的關係,不正正像這作品的演變,就是如此密切的嗎? 有關椅子故事: 有幾十年歷史的安樂椅,是由北角東發大廈的梁姓街坊捐贈。上一代已經在使用;因爲要搬屋的原因,梁家同時了解到「路過北角」及《小街坊》這個活動,就馬上聯絡設計團隊捐贈,希望一起參與成爲《小街坊》的一份子。 尺寸:83 x 54 x 100cm 此為2021年「路過北角」社區公共藝術節目作品之一;現於香港藝術中心藝術商店發售,歡迎向店員了解。 主辦機構:香港藝術中心 資助機構:市區更新基金 有關「路過北角」:

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