My Dear Patient No.44 親愛的44號


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My Dear Patient No.44 Author: Ling CHAU Format: Paperback Number of pages: 184 pp Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm Publisher: Art Ling Studio (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: July 2023 Language: Traditional Chinese Book Description: ‘The patients in the asylum all look exactly the same!? What’s going on with that monster living inside?’ The story is about the protagonist Andrés who suffered from amnesia investigating an incident – his sister Mary has been abducted. A story full of madness begins. Author’s bio: Hong Kong comics artist. Ling Chau previously worked as a 3D animator for games. In recent years, he published serial comics online, such as The Road of Exorcism, The Tale of Tao Fei, Every Injustice Has Its Perpetrator, and Miss Big Hong Kong. His work Fox Hunter and a collaborative creation with different comics artists Walled City Escort Agency are currently serialised on Passion Times. 親愛的44號 作者:小靈 格式:平裝 頁數︰184頁 尺寸:148 x 210 mm 出版社:靈靈期望可達到(香港) 出版日期:2023年7月 語言:繁體中文 作品介紹: 「瘋人院的病人全部都同一樣貌!?入面的怪物又是什麼一回事?」 失憶男主角安德列斯追查被擄的妹妹瑪莉,開展一個在瘋人院的瘋狂故事。 作者簡介: 香港漫畫家。曾擔任3D遊戲動畫師,近年主要在網上連載漫畫。作品有《鎮鬼道》、《道非傳》、《冤有頭》、《大香港小姐》等。近作有現於《熱血時報》連載的〈獵狐者〉和與其他漫畫家聯合創作的〈城寨鏢局〉。

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