Mini Cheongsam with Dummy- Frankie Si 迷你長衫連公仔


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Si Meng-kuan, Frankie obtained a Master of Fine Art (Modern Art) from South China Normal University and a Higher Diploma in Visual Arts from Macau Polytechnic Institute. Frankie joined the Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme – Cheongsam sewing technique class in 2018. Being a freelance artist, Frankie works as an arts teacher and participates in various exhibitions held in mainland China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Macau. She specialises in pottery, photography, painting, installation, and textile arts. The red-white-blue plastic bag was a large and affordable travel bag that appeared in the 1960s. It was a must-have item in every household until the 1980s and 1990s. Now it has become a classic nylon bag in Hong Kong. This cheongsam is made of traditional red, white and blue fabric, and has a square collar with a checkered pattern. IG: @frankieseehandmade 施明坤畢業於華南師範大學美術系現代藝術創作與理論研究碩士課程及澳門理工學院視覺藝術教育專業。2018 年參與賽馬會「傳・創」非遺教育計劃的長衫製作技藝課程。她曾從事藝術教育工作,並參與過在中國、日本、韓國、香港及澳門舉辦的不同展覽。其創作範疇主要涉及陶瓷、攝影、繪畫、裝置及布藝。 紅白藍膠袋是上世紀六十年代出現的大型平價旅行袋,一直到八九十年代都是家家必備的物品,如今已成為香港經典標記的尼龍袋。這件長衫以傳統紅白藍花布製作,再以方襟方領配合格仔花紋。 IG: @frankieseehandmade

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