Luis Chan — ‘Watermelon Eater’ Silk Shawl 陳福善 — 《吃西瓜的人》長披肩


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Watermelon Eater 吃西瓜的人 1984 100% Silk Shawl 真絲長披肩 65 X 190 cm About the Artist: Luis Chan (1905-1995) Luis Chan was an eccentric Hong Kong genius who, as one of the first generation of Chinese modern painters, has become legendary in the history of Chinese contemporary art. He began painting Hong Kong in the late 1920s, using techniques of English landscape watercolour painting. His style evolved as the city went through a half-century of dramatic change. By the 1960s his paintings had become dreamscapes using a psychedelic vocabulary to portray the subconscious life of the city and the psyche of the post-war generation. Among those artists born in the twilight of the Qing Dynasty, such as Lin Fengmian and Xu Beihong, who also pursued Western style art, no one resonated more intimately with our time and place in history than Luis Chan. Luis Chan’s last studio is located on Lockhart Road in Wan Chai, where he painted various works related to city lives and nature – the cityscapes of Hong Kong and the neighbourhoods. Interestingly, HKAC is located in the same neighbourhood and thus connected with Luis Chan in some way. 人稱「福伯」的香港畫家陳福善,曾居住在位於灣仔駱克道的家居畫室——一個不僅是他生活的地方,亦是他創作的空間。陳福善的創作大多源於日常生活的景物,灣仔這個地區因此亦成為陳福善不少作品的創作靈感,例如街道風景、灣仔海旁、附近的店鋪等。不論是和諧自然的寫實畫,還是奇幻繽紛的抽象畫境,「水彩王」的作品都滿載時代的印記,具濃厚的本土歷史性。