Letters from Taipei (Special Version) 臺北來信(特裝版)


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Letters from Taipei (Special Version) Author: Fish WU (Mainland China) Format: Paperback Number of pages: 176 pp Dimensions: Envelope: 267 x 184 mm | Book: 160 x 230 mm Publishing: Slowork Publishing (Taiwan) Date of publication: January 2021 Language: Traditional Chinese Author’s bio: Born in a Chinese rural town along the Yellow Sea, lived in Nanjing for 15 years. After that, she stayed in South-East Asia for three years, recording the local sights and people in various places. Currently lives in Seoul, draws comics that capture memories in life that are seemingly trifling but are in fact profound. Book description: A tiny splash in history can be an ocean isolating a whole family for half a century. A letter from Taipei in 1994 reconnected two sides of this vast ocean. This special version is a handmade production from Slowork Publishing after many years. The package and bookmarks were printed and sewed by the editor's hands. It was a tribute to the two-and-a-half years of hard work from the author. It is also hoped that readers can eternally keep the book’s ordinary teaching in mind by preserving the story. 臺北來信(特裝版) 作者:一匹魚(中國內地) 格式:裝幀平裝 頁數: 176頁 尺寸:信封:267 x 184 mm|書本:160 x 230 mm 出版:慢工文化事業有限公司(臺灣) 出版日期:2021年 1月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 生於中國黃海邊一個鄉鎮;求學及謀職於南京15年;旅居南洋三年,速寫紀錄遊旅各地的街景人樣;暫居首爾,深居簡出,日日筆耕,以漫畫刻下生命中看似輕微實而深刻的些許記憶。 作品介紹: 歷史隨意濺起的一滴水珠,卻是隔絕一家人半世紀的無垠汪洋。1994年的一封臺北來信,重新連起了這片汪洋的兩岸。限量特裝版是慢工睽違多年的大型手工包裝製作,外包及書籤由編輯親手印製車縫,是對作者一筆一劃刻了兩年半的致敬,也希望藉由書籍和故事的保存,致使讀者永恆地記住書中平凡的教誨。

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