Laugh Pin 襟章 - 笑


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Laugh Pin 襟章 - 笑 by i-dArt About i-dArt : Art is a barrier-free common language. To appreciate beautiful things and to do creation freely are inborn abilities and rights of human beings. The focus of art appreciation should be on the power that the creators give to their creations and also their abilities, instead of their intelligence or physical ability. Holding such beliefs, i-dArt connects people with different abilities and explores more possibilities and creative spaces in the community. In addition, we encourage more people with different abilities to participate in art so as to promote social inclusion. Product Detail: “I have a resting face but my heart is like a rainbow.” drawn by 梁家輝 LEUNG Ka-fai Size: 30x23.3mm 關於愛不同藝術: 藝術是無障礙的共通語言,欣賞美麗的事和隨心創作是人與生俱來的本能和權利。欣賞作品的著重點應是創作者賦予藝術品的力量和所展示的能力,而非創作者的智力或肢體能力。「愛不同藝術」正是憑著這個信念,以藝術連繫不同能力人士,於社區發展開拓更多可能和創作空間,鼓勵更多不同能力的人士參與藝術,促進彼此的了解及包容。 產品描述: 「我沒有不高興,只是天生沒表情,内心卻像彩虹一樣。」 梁家輝 繪畫作品 尺寸: 30x23.3mm Instagram : Idart_twghs Facebook: idArtTWGHs Website :

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