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I KNOW KUNG FU Author: Rex KOO ● Cover available in 2 versions | Red/ Yellow Format: Hardback Number of pages: 308pp Dimensions: 185 x 255mm Publishing House: Viction Workshop Limited (Hong Kong) Date of publication: December 2022 Language: Traditional Chinese and English Artist’s bio: Rex Koo, a Hong Kong born visual artist, is enthusiastic about pop culture, particularly Hong Kong movies, since he was a child. His style is deeply influenced by pop art and the cultures in the 1980s. He has been devoting himself to graphic design and illustration works since the Millennium. In 2013, starting his career as an independent designer. In 2015, he released his first publication, Only You Can Take Me to Get Scriptures in The West, themed on Hong Kong movie. In 2016, he followed the same theme and released Once Upon a Time– Memory of Hong Kong Cinema. In 2017, he released his third publication Bleeding and Death are Two Different Things, a book themed with blood and death scene of Hong Kong movies. Rex began to create comics in his spare time since 2018. After the attack from Typhoon Mangkhut, he began to conceive a fantasy story which using Hong Kong as a stage. It took about a year to complete the first episode of Strange Tales of Walled City. The book has won the Bronze Award at the 14th Japan International Manga Awards. Book Description: ‘Someone like Jean-Luc Godard is for me intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good Kung Fu film.’ – Werner Herzog With scene after scene that ignites the senses, Kung Fu flicks are undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in film history. Besides all the action, there is also a rhythmic and choreographed quality ingrained into every move; like a dance, Kung Fu is a pure and clean-cut delivery of visuals that transcends language and words. Just like a memorable line from a movie, the incredible moves and heroes are forever etched into the hearts of Kung Fu fanatics and movie junkies alike. As the fourth picture book of Hong Kong-based artist Rex Koo, ‘I KNOW KUNG FU’ chronicles a selection of films from Hong Kong's golden age of cinema in Rex's signature illustrative style. Aside from plenty of Kung Fu films and techniques, this book also showcases more than 40 of Rex's favourite martial arts actors from the past to the present. 人人有功練 作者:Rex KOO ● 兩色封面選擇|紅色/黃色 格式:精裝硬皮書 頁數:308頁 尺寸:185 x 255mm 出版:Viction Workshop Limited(香港) 出版日期:2022年12月 語言:繁體中文及英語 作者簡介: 香港土生土長視覺藝術家,自小熱愛流行文化,風格深受普普藝術及1980年代流行文化影響。千禧年開始從事平面設計及插畫工作,2013年開始以獨立創作人身份進行創作。曾以港產片為主題先後出版繪本《Only You Can Take Me取西經》及《當年相戀意中人》。17年發表以港產片的死亡場面為主題的繪本《七孔流血還七孔流血死還死》,並分別於香港及法國舉行原畫及印畫展。 2018年,颱風山竹襲港前後開始構思用漫畫形式創作以香港為舞臺的魔幻寫實故事, 前後大約花了一年時間完成《城寨誌異》第一集,於20年出版並舉行原畫展,該作更榮獲第 14 屆日本國際漫畫賞銅獎。 作品介紹: 德國電影大師荷索曾經講過:「和一部貨真價實的功夫片相比,尚盧.高達的電影像是給知識分子的偽鈔。」功夫片作為風靡全球的類型電影其中一大類,除了為觀眾提供官能刺激以外,亦因為其動作蘊藏一種超越語言和文字、有如舞蹈般的韻律美,是非常純粹的一種視覺傳遞,是人人都能看懂的國際語言。邊緣回望,幾多武功招式、幾多武夫身影,猶如出色的電影對白,教人念念不忘。 《人人有功練》是香港視覺藝術家顧沛然(洋名Rex Koo)以畫作紀錄港產片的第四本繪本。內容除收錄大量功夫電影裡出現的招式和名目出處外,亦記錄了超過四十位從古到今,教作者印象難忘、一見傾心的武打演員。

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