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HK Scene Plastic Folder 文件夾 Size 尺寸: A4 About the artist: Kenny Leung received his Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and Hong Kong Art School. His works are like snapshots of travelling in memory. Leung's works have been exhibited worldwide in France, Hong Kong, Korea, Beijing, etc. Solo exhibitions include Hong Kong Trilogy (Fringe Club, 2017), Circus City (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2013). His works are desired and already acquired by private collectors. 畢業於香港藝術學院及澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學的梁世潘,創作以大家最為熟悉的香港為題材,曾經以《香港三部曲》為題舉辦個人展覽獲得廣泛注意。梁世潘筆下的香港大多是舊區的建築物,像油麻地果欄、灣仔舊喜帖街、當鋪等。

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