HK Classic Folding Metal Shutter Brooch


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This brooch is to pay tribute to vertical folding metal shutter in Hong Kong. This kind of craved iron gates were found everywhere in the old days, especially used by Cha Chann Ting, Bing Sutt (HK fast food restaurants, HK style cafes). The pattern on the brooch is one of the most popular shutter pattern, and the wording is "neighbourhood cafe" Size: 5x3.5cm Material: Mirror Acrylic Made in Japan. MOMOZAZA is.... Founded by a couple from Tokyo & Hong Kong. "MOMO" comes from Tokyo and "ZAZA" is from Hong Kong. We believe life is about inspiring each other, and creativity sparks when different cultures meet each other. Ideas are inspired by connection between Japan & HK, we are both from the East but we are so different. All products are handmade by us in Tokyo, which there is some elements that reflect a bit of his or her culture, sometimes it is humorous, sometimes it is nostalgic. 東京と香港出身の二人で立ち上げたブランド。 異なる視点や想いの交差がインスピレーションを生み、 創造力を刺激する。 アクセサリーは全て東京でハンドメイド。 日本と香港。同じ東アジアの国だけど、 それぞれユニークな場所。 その違いが新しいアイデアのインスピレーション。