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Folder 文件夾 - The Memories from the Tower of Light by Wong Chi Yung 王志勇 Limited Edition HKAC Exculsive Official Website: The Memories from The Tower Of Light WONG CHI-YUNG 2017 For Harbour Arts Sculpture Park, Wong has created a new series of lighting scenarios guided by the conceptual theme The Wave of Ocean. The artist has been inspired by the movement of oceanic waves, how they allow us to visualise oscillations accompanied by a transfer of energy through matter or space, and their intricate relationship with wind. His interest lies in how ocean waves can be so subtle and calming and yet could cause immense change, chaos and disorder. This light installation creates a series of wave-like compositions within which the light travels, encouraging the visitor not only to observe how light can change ways of perceiving form and structure but also allowing for contemplation of the aesthetic quality in the hypnotic repetition and the oscillation of waves. 限量版產品 香港藝術中心獨家 藝術家個人網站: The Memories from The Tower Of Light 王志勇 2017 就「藝遊維港 Harbour Arts Sculpture Park」,王志勇創造了一系列以海洋的波浪為概念的 燈光場景。王志勇受到海浪的動態啓發,探索它們如何讓觀眾能觀察到能量伴隨著物質或空間 轉移的振幅,和它們與風的錯綜複雜的關係;並對海浪如何既微妙而平靜,卻也可能造成巨大變化、混亂和失序而感興趣。這燈光裝置由一系列波浪般的部分組合而成,光線在其中流動,鼓勵觀眾不僅觀察光線如何改變形式和結構,並且讓觀眾透過催眠式的重複及波浪的擺動深思美學的質量。