Folder 文件夾 - [[x]]


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Folder 文件夾 - [[x]] by Ho Kwun Ting 何冠廷 Limited Edition HKAC Exculsive [[x]] HO KWUN TING 何冠廷 2018 [[x]] is a group of symbols that go beyond mere feelings or words. The motion of twisting and dragging forces contrasting with mirrored lines and robust faces, with the twisted steel in the middle both struggling to free itself yet exploding with energy. 限量版產品 香港藝術中心獨家 [[x]] HO KWUN TING 何冠廷 2018 《 [[x]]》是一組超越單純的感情或文字的符號。扭曲和拖曳的力量與鏡像線條和粗獷的面塊形成 鮮明對比,中間扭曲的鋼鐵在掙扎中釋放自己的能量。

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