Dead End Graphic Novel II (Drama Cover) 死角圖本小說 II(電視劇肖像封面版)


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Dead End Graphic Novel II (Drama Cover) Art + Story: Jerry CHO Fiction: Yicca LAU Format: Paperback Number of pages: 384 pp Dimensions: 210 x 140 mm Publisher: P.PLUS Limited (Hong Kong) Date of publication: April 2020 Language: Traditional Chinese Art + Story: Jerry CHO As a comics artist and transmedia creator, Jerry Cho has served many comics companies in Hong Kong and published more than 300 comics books. In 2017, he founded the studio JerryCho Workshop, creating comics and cross-media creations, including comics, novels, animations, advertisements, illustrations, murals and different types of designs. Fiction: Yicca LAU Screenwriter of movie Agent Mr Chan. Lau’s personal work is No. 26 Boyfriend and collaborative work I Do Take Thee To Be My Lawful Wedded Wife Again And Again. Book Description The story revolved around Chun Au-yeung, a professional boxing athlete who created the legend of a ‘seven-game winning streak’ in boxing. Being the focus in the spotlight, he was popular and famous. Everyone had a very high expectation of him. While the simple-minded Chun Au-yeung thought that everything was the result of his hard work, he did not realise that there was a plot behind the seven-game winning streak! Someone was getting his claws into him ― What was ahead of the rising star? Meanwhile, there were regrettable memories from the past as well as timid feelings of teenagers between Chun Au-yeung, his best friend Sing-tung Lee, who was also a boxer, and Sau-yin Keung, a pet shop owner, lighting the spark of pure love. Two boys and a girl came up with complicated chemical reactions, and the result would be left to you to find out. 死角圖本小說 II(電視劇肖像封面版) 美術/故事︰曹志豪 文字︰留晴 格式:平裝 頁數︰384頁 尺寸:210 x 140 mm 出版:P.PLUS Limited(香港) 出版日期:2020年4月 語言:繁體中文 美術/故事︰曹志豪 漫畫家、跨媒體創作人。 曾服務香港多間漫畫公司,出版超過300本漫畫。 2017創立工作室JerryCho Workshop,創作漫畫同時參與跨媒體創作,包括漫畫、小說、動畫、廣告、插畫、壁畫及不同類型設計。 文字︰留晴 電影《棟篤特工》編劇,另有個人著作《第26號男友》及合著小說《我願以妳再三為我合法妻子》。

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