Daisy Fairy and the Bear 《小菊仙與大棕熊》- Bilingual 中英雙語


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Daisy Fairy and the Bear 《小菊仙與大棕熊》- Bilingual 中英雙語 by Michelle Ling Allcock 區文詩 Daisy Fairy and the Bear is a journey about love, art and healing. The cover of this story was illustrated by the Honorable Sir T L Yang, adding unique perspective to this meaningful story. This is an amazing project involving a group of very special individuals in our community. Daisy Fairy and the Bear is a touching story with a unique voice about hope and love from the author (Michelle Allcock), which calls for visual artistic interpretations. Local young talents who aspire to expressing themselves in art are invited to share their creations inspired by the story. Art is for all in so many different ways and forms. Daisy Fairy and the Bear is a story which deals with the struggle to overcome adversity, and Michelle hopes that it will be an inspiration to all who face difficulties in their lives. The project is coordinated by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, sponsored by Asia Art Hong Kong, and supported by Hong Kong Art School (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre). 香港藝術中心最近出版了一本滿有意思的故事讀物,現誠邀您支持本地作家、本地藝術,體現他們的創意和藝術的力量。 此書的封面是由楊鐵樑爵士繪畫,為整個故事帶來特別的意義….. 作者區文詩以獨特的筆觸創作了《小菊仙與大棕熊》,一個關於扭轉逆境的童話故事,當中傳遞的訊息豐富多樣化,糅合了愛、藝術和治癒的繪本故事書,值得深思細味。協辦機構香港青年協會學校社會工作組邀請了二十多位來自不同學校、有著不同背景,但都熱愛繪畫和原創藝術的青年展現他們的內心和才華,每一位參與其中的朋友都在過程中親自體現愛和藝術的力量,也感受到計劃發起人對他們的信任和支持。 作者希望讀者能藉著這個故事得到啓發,走出黑暗,重拾希望。

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