DAAIDAABINLO Card Game 大打邊爐卡牌遊戲


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DAAIDAABINLO is a multi-players card game including hot pot and Cantonese cultures. Players win by gathering and snatching the specified set of ingredients on the Character card. It has various ingredient cards and command cards including Hong Kong food and soup stock. Character cards are designed with the classic Memes’ roles. Compound Chinese character and culture of Cantonese are also important to the game. Details Art Director:Rex Koo Game Accessiors:138 Function Cards, 46 Ingredient Cards, 24 Chance Cards, 8 Character Cards, 4 Command Cards, 2 Instruction Cards, 1 Game Manual Materials:Paper Card Size:88mm x 58mm 「大打邊爐」是一個融合打邊爐及廣東話文化的卡牌遊戲,湯底食材五花八門。 遊戲中,玩家會體驗到日常打邊爐時,互相爭奪食材的過程。 最快玩家集齊指定的食材配搭,為之勝出。 美術設計:Rex Koo 遊戲配件:功能牌138張,食材牌46張,機會牌24張,角色牌8張,湯底牌4張,指示卡2張,說明書1份 主要成份:紙張 卡牌尺寸:88mm x 58mm

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