Collapse 崩塔


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Collapse Authors: Taku TANG (Comics), MONG YAT (Story) Format: Paperback Number of pages: 228 pp Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm Publisher: Quire Limited (Hong Kong) Date of Publication: July 2023 Language: Traditional Chinese Book description: One day, hundreds of enormous towers reaching to the sky suddenly emerged, and the ground has been sinking. In order not to get drowned by the sea, crowds of people crammed themselves into the towers and climbed upward. However, what the people were facing was fatal traps hidden in every level. The worst side of humanity was unleashed as they only thought of saving their own skins. Is it truly inevitable to sacrifice the others if people wanted to survive? Authors’ bio: Comics: Taku TANG Hong Kong comics artist. Tang has engaged in the comics industry for many years and worked as comics assistant and colouring. Since 2009, he has assisted in the production of The Ravages of Time by Chan Mou. Meanwhile, his work Trendy 4 Panel has been serialised on Hong Kong children comics magazine CO-CO!, which has already been separately running to 4 volumes. His short comics works include Childhood Reading, Childhood Fun, and Comics Buddy. He is responsible for the background drawing in The Zeros, a comics book published under the 1st HK Comics Support Programme and awarded gold. Another personal original comics is Pink Tank. Scriptwriter: MONG YAT Graduated with a Master degree of Civil Engineering in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Mong Yat was once an executive officer I of the Civil Service. After dropping out of writing for many years, he could not forget his interest. In order to realise his dream of having a lifelong writing career, he gave up his well-paid job and started working as a full-time writer. He debuted with Black Envelope in 2015. In 2016, he self-established a publishing house not only to continue to publish his works but also help the development of potential authors who are ambitious and aspiring. So far, he has published six novels. He believes in his dream, has courage to step out of his comfort zone, and keeps challenging himself. 崩塔 作者︰鄧俊棠(漫畫主筆)、望日(編劇) 格式:平裝 頁數︰228頁 尺寸:148 x 210 mm 出版社:格子有限公司(香港) 出版日期:2023年7月 語言:繁體中文 作品介紹: 全球突然冒起數百座通天巨塔,陸地下沉,為了不被海水淹沒,人們只好擠進塔內向上爬,然而等待人類的,卻是層層致命陷阱,為求自保,各人紛紛顯露人性醜惡的一面。想要活命,是否就必須要犧牲他人呢? 作者簡介︰ 漫畫主筆︰鄧俊棠 香港漫畫家,筆名Taku,入職漫畫行業多年,曾任港漫助理及彩稿員。2009年擔任漫畫助理至今,協力製作陳某主筆的《火鳳燎原》。同時在兒童漫畫雜誌《CO-CO!》連載〈潮流4格〉,至今已出版第四期單行本。短篇作品見《童年同閱》、《童年同樂》及《漫畫Buddy》。亦為第一屆「港漫動力」金獎作品《0課特工》繪畫背景 。至於個人漫畫創作則有《天姬戰》。 編劇︰望日 於香港科技大學土木工程系碩土畢業,曾任職政府一級行政主任。輟筆多年後,仍對寫作念念不忘,為實現以創作為終身職業的夢想,遂丟棄錢飯碗全職寫作。 二零一五年以科幻小說《黑色信封》出道;二零一六年自資成立出版社,繼續出版自己的作品外,同時協助有理想、有潛質的作者一同發展。至今已出版六本小說。 堅信夢想,勇於走出舒適區,不斷尋求挑戰。