ByLeona- Floral Incense Set


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Floral Incense Set About ByLeona: ByLeona is a local lifestyle brand which focuses on premium ceramic and mixed media designs. The brand offers a niche and one of a kind approach through seamless integration of art and culture as the core essence of their works. Inspired by the love of ancient Oriental art and culture, ByLeona signature series are excellent showcases of artistically merging traditional culture with innovative designs and technology. The Brand itself could be seen as a contemporary interpretation of East meets West design concept which tells stories from the past and connect audiences to the deep Oriental heritage. ByLeona has collaborated with a discerning list of clientele and has built a wide portfolio of personalised crossover projects with internationally and locally recognised brands, hotels and museums. About the Designer: Leona Fung is the founder and designer of ByLeona. Born in Hong Kong, Leona has a strong passion in design and various art forms since her early school days. She then furthered her studies in the United Kingdom and attained her degrees from the University of Cambridge. Her overseas education, various travels, training and exposures to different kinds of performing arts throughout her upbringing have all heavily influenced and inspired her to be a designer. Leona's designer journey was not straightforward as she started her career as a private banker and worked in various roles in finance. It transpired that design is still her biggest passion and she chose to dedicate herself as a full-time designer in the long run. She was enabled through furthering her professional study in Kintsugi, ceramics and upgrading her skills in producing premium bespoke porcelain/ bone china and a good mix of lifestyle products. Leona's design therefore reflects not only the aesthetics from traditional Oriental culture but also those deep and rich stories behind. Her unique background with strong business acumen and designer's instinct have laid a solid foundation for her designer ventures. Leona, together with her team are actively involved in many cross-cultural & regional art exhibitions/ events eg: Maison & Object Paris, Ambiente Frankfurt show, Chicago and Dubai lifestyle Fair, Tai Kwun CSI opening exhibition, K11 Chic art show, Fine Art Asia.… etc. ByLeona is also one of the HKMOA (Hong Kong Museum of Arts) ceramic vendor 2019. Being one of the awardees of 2018,2019 Caring Company, Leona has been involved in many charity work, and will continue to give back to the community.

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