Alice in Yum Cha Land by Oychir愛卡


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Alice in Yum Cha Land by Oychir 愛卡 20cm x 20cm 在我心目中,廣彩/港彩是一種中⻄文化和歷史交流的實體見證,而中國和英國相信是 兩個最喜歡茶的國家,故以文化符號 willow pattern 為背景,象徵文化交流,並用 alice in wonderland 角色進行各種華人特色活動。 Guangcai is a witness of hybrid of art, culture and history, when China and United Kingdom are two countries both love tea, so i put a culture symbol Willow Pattern as the background, with the characters from Alice in Wonderland doing all the chinese activities such as Yum Cha. 同系列手繪港彩,曾於 Art Basel 展出及入選 2022年 World Illustration Awards 國際插畫 比賽。現特別制作成骨瓷半手繪產品,無鉛安全放心可作食器。 The same series of hand-painted canton porcelain, exhibited at Art Basel 2022 and selected for the World Illustration Awards 2022. It is now specially make into this semi hand painted bone china product, lead-free safe to use.

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