A Chinese Ghost Story Fountain Pen Comics Originals Vol.1 倩女幽魂鋼筆手繪漫畫原稿集‧上冊


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Receive two complimentary A3 posters for purchasing one A Chinese Ghost Story Fountain Pen Comics Originals Vol.1. (Posters will be offered on a random basis and are non-refundable nor exchange.) 凡購買《倩女幽魂鋼筆手繪漫畫原稿集‧上冊》乙本,則可免費獲贈A3海報兩張。(款式隨機送出,不設退換。) A Chinese Ghost Story Fountain Pen Comics Originals Vol.1 Author: Shui-pan WONG Format: Paperback Number of pages: 160 pp Dimensions: 181 x 261 mm Publishing House: Shuipan Workshop (Hong Kong) Date of publication: July 2021 Language: Traditional Chinese Author's bio: Shui-pan Wong joined Jonesky Limited as an art assistant in 1993 and was promoted to chief comics writer later in the same year. His first work, Creation, was published in 1994. In 1995, he became one of the chief art editors of the company, and in the following years, he was responsible for the art of Jonesky Comics, Black Leopard, Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, The Punishment, and Hero Sheds No Tears. Wong’s short solo works include Last Fireworks of the Century and Legend of Speed. He published his solo art collections fruitpunch and fruitpunch 2.0 in 2009 and 2013 respectively. He later joined Tato Press Limited, where he worked primarily on EGO. In 2016, he founded Shuipan Workshop, launching fruitpunch tee, fruitpunch 3.0, and fruitpunch 4.0. He published A Better Tomorrow 1.0 in 2018. From 2018 to 2020, he has finished A Better Tomorrow 2.0 and 3.0. Solo art collections fruitpunch 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 have also been launched. His new art work A Chinese Ghost Story was published in July 2021. Book description: After a string of bad luck, a debt collector Choi-san Ling has no other choice than to spend the night in a haunted temple, where he encounters a ravishing female ghost Siu-sin Lip and later battles to save her soul from the control of a wicked tree demon. Another great work of Shui-pan Wong after A Better Tomorrow series. Through his delicate brushwork, a poignant human and ghost love story of Choi-san Ling and Siu-sin Lip is outlined. Using silver foil as book cover. The work extracts all text boxes, allowing you to enjoy each painting in its original form. 倩女幽魂鋼筆手繪漫畫原稿集‧上冊 作者︰黃水斌 格式: 紙本平裝 頁數︰160頁 尺寸:181 x 261 mm 出版社:水斌工作室(香港) 出版日期:2021年7月 語言:繁體中文 作者簡介: 1993年加入天下出版社任寫畫助理一職,同年晉升漫畫主筆。次年推出首部作品《誕生》。95年擔任美術主筆後,先後參與多部漫畫作品,包括《天下畫集》、《黑豹列傳》、《倚天屠龍記》、《天殛》、《英雄無淚》等。個人短篇作品則有《世紀末煙花》和《極速傳說》,並於2009年及13年推出個人畫集《fruitpunch》及《fruitpunch 2.0》。 其後加入大渡出版有限公司,主要作品為《欲望之翼》。 2016年成立水斌工作室,推出fruitpunch tee、《fruitpunch 3.0》及《fruitpunch 4.0》,以及於2018年推出大獲好評的《英雄本色 1.0》。  2018 至2020完成英雄本色2.0 和 3.0。個人畫集Fruit Punch 4.0、5.0、6.0 也相繼推出。2021年7月則於書展正式出版新作《倩女幽魂》。 作品介紹: 一天,經歷一連串不幸後,收債書生寧采臣別無他擇,只能在鬧鬼的蘭若寺過夜,在那裡他遇到了迷人的女鬼聶小倩,後來為了拯救她的靈魂而與邪惡的樹妖戰鬥。 黃水斌繼 《英雄本色》後又一傾力製作。通過細膩筆觸勾劃出寧采臣與聶小倩一段人鬼相戀的凄美故事。 封面採用銀色錫箔鏡面書套。內文抽走所有文字框,讓你原汁原味欣賞每一幅畫作。

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